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I didn't have it crash on me, but mine kept saying it can't find the original game, MOHAA. That was because I have 4 hd's, and all my games are on seperate drive. I had to format and reinstall my os, so my reg entries were not there (on drive C). I was playing it through a shortcut I created previously, no problem, using a no cd patch. Spearhead must have a good install of MOHAA to install properly. If your game is heavily modded, (like mine was, 15-18 extra mods) it may cause a problem. After I done a complete reinstall of MOHAA, Spearhead installed in the MOHAA folder. Then I reinstalled most of my mods back (all except blood patch- it causes graphic problems in Spearhead-namely flashing white squares)
So try reinstalling a fresh copy of MOHAA.

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