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Default NForce2/GeForce 4 MX Installation Woes


I'm using Debian/Sarge and have successfully setup X using the standard nv drivers. I'd ideally like to get the nvidia drivers working, so I downloaded and successfully installed the Linux Display Driver 1.0-6629. I'm using

XFree86 4.3.0
Linux 2.4.26

and my motherboard is Asus A7N8X with an NForce2 chipset and onboard GeForce 4.

Tweaking the configuration according to the README and restarting X, I get the NVidia logo displaying before my familiar KDE desktop appears. However, the screen isn't drawn correctly and when a part of the screen updates I tend to get a mixture of the old and new display with patches of blue thrown in for good luck. Within a few clicks the screen is unusable.

I've tried various graphics modes, making sure that the nvidia module is loaded, trying the different AGP modes, switching to vtwm instead of kde and reading through all the FAQs but with no joy. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?

You can view my working nv XF86Config , my non-working nvidia XF86Config and the X log files from running nvidia XF86Config.

Thanks in advance,

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