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Default Feature request, props a-plenty :)

Hey guys. First, the gripes:

My second monitor has terrible built-in color controls, and I would like to be able to have independent color correction for my monitors. Because the only way I could get the picture to be remotely similar now would be to mess up the color on my P95f to match the Trinitron, then fix it with the nvidia tools.

God, the Viewsonic p95f is a good monitor.

Also, I have a 5700le running with Twinview, and it seems X doesn't differentiate between them as separate monitors. This isn't a problem when maximizing apps, but some apps in fullscreen mode en right smack dab in between my two monitors, splitting the image in half.

Now the props. I accidentally bought an ATI card. For $200. I suffered countless hours with the little bastard to make it work in 6.7, then was happy for a while, until 6.8 came out. So I traded my Radeon 9800 Pro with a Win user for a 5700le, and I could not be happier. I build people computers pretty frequently and as a computer tech influence lots of people in their purchases, and let me say that nVidia has earned my business with the quality of the cards dating back to the TNT2, and the quality and concept of drivers.

Thanks so very much!

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