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Default Some old 3D accelerated games crash out on 5200

I upgraded to a GeForce FX5200. All new games work, and most older 3D accelerated games still work (eg. Thief 2)

I have a couple that don't though. RealMyst and Extreme G-2.

Both of them: I double click the icon, the screen goes black, the resolution changes (I can tell because the hour glass cursor gets bigger), then it goes back to the desktop and goes back to the desktop resolution.

Another computer we have, runs RealMyst fine; it uses a GeForce 4.
Both computers are running XP and no additional tweaking (eg. compatability mode) was needed to get RealMyst working, which makes me think its my graphics card (the 5200) that is the problem.

(Haven't tested Extreme G-2 on the GeForce 4 computer yet, which I'm going to do when I get home.)

Seems to me that the 5200 won't work with RealMyst or Extreme G-2. Any ideas?
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