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Post Specifics on Xpertvision FX5900XT and BIOS flashing?

Hi all,

Am new to nVidia cards. Had an MX440 years ago, but since then, it was a long line of Radeon hardware. Had enough of ATi for the time being. .

So today I purchased a new Xpertvision Geforce FX5900XT 128MB card.

A few questions.

i. From forum searches, I have read that significant overclocks might be possible with the FX5900XT cards, by using the 5950 BIOS's etc. I'd like to know, specifically - what BIOS should I use for THIS card?

ii. Using Rivatuner or the overclocking panel on the latest forceware (similar to coolbits I guess?), I don't seem to be able to set my frequencies past:

Core == 470MHz
Memory == 783Mhz

It just tell's me the hardware would not work @ these frequencies. Is there a way to push harder?

The cooling on the card is a VERY heavy metal sink, covering the GPU and ALL the RAM modules. Ontop of this, it has a nice fan mounted on the sink itself.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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