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Default New 1.0-6629 drivers on laptop

I have a Dell c840 laptop running Fedora Core 2. This laptop has an NVidia GeForce 4 card. I am currently using the 1.0-6111 drivers without issue. I have since tried upgrading to the latest (1.0-6111) drivers, but this newest version seems to have problems. The installl goes fine and the module loads without error, but the screen gets knocked way off center. It's as if the whole screen was moved to the upper left corner, and the screen space that would be "pushed" off the display then wraps around (the top quarter of my desktop, appears at the bottom of my screen. Anyone else seeing this? If I dock my laptop the display is fine (on a CRT). I've tried changing my screen type and res but nothing seems to work. Am I missing something. Thanks in advance...
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