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Question this too low?

Hey all...

Aighty, I upgraded from a 2200+ to a 2700+ (of course, upping the fsb to 166)

Anyways I get 11824 now, up from 11280 with the 2200.

This seems a little low to me, seeing as other ppl are getting 13000+ scores on lesser hardware.

Here's my rig:
AMD Athlon XP 2700+ running 2170Mhz (13x167)
nVidia Quadro4 780 XGL engineering sample running 41.09 Dets(can't tell you where I picked up this baby , but it runs fastwrites and SBA by default--yay!)
512MB Crucial PC2100 running happily at PC2700
Albatron KX400+Pro mobo
SBLive! 5.1 MP3+
Avermedia TV Tuner
Some Linksys NIC I need to replace with a EEPro100

Any thoughts on upping the score, preferably without OC'ing (when you get stuff for free, it's not good to kill it and have to buy it instead)?


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