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Default fx3000G repair?

I purchased myself a birthday present of a cheap fx3000G without looking at the small print first. (I think the excitement of seeing a 3000G for a reasonable price over-rode my sense, I dont know. I just bid on ebay soon as I saw the card) Unfortunately this "As seen, may need repair, not guarenteed at all" card (That was the small print) has got fried memory. I purchased a $500 paperweight AND paid 60 import tax to get it to England too because they mischarged me for the new price at the Tax office.

Does anybody at all, anywhere, know any place that can repair this kind of card? Im not asking for people to post "Lets all laugh at the idiot" replies thanks, I just want to know if there is any chance I can get this fixed. I know it wont be cheap, I know it may have to travel back to the USA maybe or wherever, however I spent money for my birthday on this card so that I can use it for my job I do from home and I really want it to work. :/

Edit. For those wondering by the way, the card does start up, however there are vertical lines top to bottom and the left monitor is green. I suspect overheating.
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