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Smile Re: pny 5900xt modded bios`s that work..

Yea no problem,you had the same problem I driver and everythings ok.....Further update: I have my modded bios running nice on my pny 5900xt @ the moment clocks are 445x925....this was achieved using the 61.77 drivers..if I use any other driver I can`t get this high..everything is rock solid @ this speed aswell..along with my amd barton 2800 overclocked to 2511 mhz I `m well happy.had a 3dmark 2003 of 6051 which is well over wot I used to get using the standard pny far as I`m concerned my job is done...glad it worked out for you any way...nice one .Oh and I see from your spec;;you run the same mobo as me...
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