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Default Re: Everquest 2 ships on November 8th!

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
I've played through 3 launch mmorpgs. Going down is one thing. But server downtime length/variation is another. This launch has been no better/no Worse than than Lineage 2/EQ1, and SWG launch I have played. City of Heroes IMO had a better launch. Only game I have seen with a "worse" launch is Anarchy Online.

Sure its gone "ok". But just because its a mmorpg and bugs are to be expected doesnt mean we give Sony a free ride and excuses for bugs/server instability.
Hmm...Chris compared to Galaxies this launch has been a dream...Everytime I've tried to log on I've had 0 problems and 0 ctd's. The patches are quick and I'm really happy with it! I didn't care for L2 beta so I didn't stick around for that and EQ1 I joined a few years after launch, so I can't compare. I heard the DOAC launch was also really good...
(PS...if EQ1 was Evercrack, that was weak crack cause EQ2 is even MORE addicting!!)
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