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Default Re: EQ2 - Driver-Settings-Performance

the game is running crap. i have a 6800ultra everything up date blah blah..

i think theres a problem with the huge amount of overdraw in this game, its trying to draw everything in the distance, there needs to be fog in the distance to stop it trying to draw everything.

i drop to 15 fps in the town no matter what setting im using. Its driving me absolutley NUTS, i cant play the game till i get this sorted.

15 FPS in an alleyway with not much going on is bloody horrible for a 6800u

im so pissed.

WoW was heaps better, maybe not in the amount of effects but nice and smooth and good to look at.

State of the art gfx my ass, more like rushed unoptimized game engine.

could it be the fact that im playing from australia, even though i have broadband ? hmmm not happy
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