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Default Re: ATI=pwn3d by nVidia

url works here...

On another note, I will give ati props for being honest in their answers.
the "we will look into it" type attitude was kept to a minimum, which I at least appreciate.

However, as an ati user, this chat showed that ati's plans for *nix definately aren't ambitious. They don't have plans for all-in-wonders, they don't have plans for freeBsd, they don't even have a rough time estimate for 2 x-sessions, they don't have working acpi support, nor have they any time-frame planned, they -still- don't support, they still offer no email/contact for linux problems/questions, and their reasoning for buying an ati card for linux support is because their Windows support is quite good?

Definately not happpy with the general 'message', but i am happy at ati's honest apporach in this chat.

Really wish we could replace the ati chips in our notebooks at work *sigh*.
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