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Thanx guys, thanx much for taking me seriously.

But I'm really a newbie about XFree86.conf or else. What I really need is a stupid tutorial just for dummies. Can anybody provide something?

What was I see druing computer reboot, written "i686". I have P4 1.7Ghz machine with 400mhz board bus speed. Is it about that? If so what it means?

Also when I try to bootup with Redhat disc1, what shall I choose? There is a recovery console option but it simply shells to console mode and as I said before I don't know anything about editing files or modifiying conf files during a console session. All I know is basic navigation.

I know that nvidia drivers can't be installed within X, you need to go console but HOW CAN I CHANGE MY CONF THAT IT BOOTS WITH CONSOLE? You say it Runlevel.

Thanks everybody! Thank you really really much.

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