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Default Re: Is this average performance for my system?

Originally Posted by rewt
Nice job! I bet it'd even break 7000 with the new drivers (considering the increased PS2.0 performance).
What drivers??? Which??

And I'm having trouble with my cpu... at the same clockspeeds it's lost about 80points in the cpu test of 3dmark2003. Since that 6830 score I have impoved my vid card even more (thanks jimmor, thanks arctic cooling) but my cpu ain't as great, that's confusing actually... I was above average in Sandra, now I'm average...

With my current sig I get 6777 (or something) now. That's with the cpu about 12!!!! percent less efficient. But I'm tired of benching, its fun for awhile but when you see Geforces 6 running circles around you... you stop benching and you go play games. Plus my raid array crapped 4 times in a month so... I want to loose the tinkering bug from my system (system = me)!
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