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Default Re: Is this average performance for my system?

Originally Posted by lmetza
Just wanting to see if everything is on par for my system. So if anyone couldl et me know if these are good numbers for my setup that would be great.

Barton 2500+ @ 2700+
A7n8x-dlx 2.0
768mb pc2700 Crucial tech, cl 2.5, 3x256mb
MSI fx 5900xt oced to 429 / 770 (D.O.T)

3dmark03: 5270 (no AA or AF)
doom3: 38.1 FPS in High Quality (no AA), and 31.8 FPS in Ultra High (no AA)
HL2 stress test: 66 FPS (2x AA , 8x AF, dxlevel 8.1)

All done at 1024x768 resolution, useing Omega's 61.77 Performance driver.
BTw is 770MHz stable on that memory of yours? Its a bit limit for MSI standard cooling and standard latencies... if it is stable, cool!
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