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Default Re: EQ2 - Driver-Settings-Performance

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
Check out this guide here:

Very good detailed on how to customize display settings to get great performance without sacrificing quality

For the most part after a full defrag and on 66.93 my system runs very well except in towns I have to turn everything off..but that is to be expected.

Keep in mind this game was designed for systems that are not even out yet to make it more future proof
ARRGH GAWD not that bloody guide again, everytime someone has troubles with EQ2's crappy unoptimized game engine someone throws that guide in your face.

I saw a gamespot video with one of the devs, saying if you own a 6800 you'll be able to have most of the sliders pushed to the right. LMAO what a fat joke, more like all the sliders to the left and still crappy performance with a $500 dollar top of the line vid card "NVIDIAS FLAGSHIP" my ass
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