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Default Re: Is this average performance for my system?

Originally Posted by rewt
Last time I ran the test was with 66.81. I get a great deal more FPS with that driver than I did with 61.77. Especially PS2.0. And that is what counts most on an FX card

58.5 Avg FPS on 3Dmark03 PS2.0 test

I believe the extra performance comes from the new ps 2.0a, because in 3dmark05 I get more performance with 2.0a than I do with 2.0 (with unnoticable IQ loss).

27.2 Avg FPS in 3dmark05
Havn't run 3DMark03 in forever, I might just give it a try because of this thread and because you are my idle. You keep on representing with the FX5900XT, way to be... way to be...

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