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Default Re: EQ2 - Driver-Settings-Performance

yes im running 15-40, however its the minimum that counts, and you cant say that 20 is acceptable on nvidias 2 flagship cards.

object LOD hardly even works in EQ2, there should be really low texutures and geometry for far away objects and nice textures and objects up close, however everything in the distance to be seems clean and sharp which IMO is the cause of the great stress to the 6800

yes i do have crappy ram, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

look i dont want to argue about it, im just saying many other people are having this problem, i know a decent amount about pc's and i know a monster of a game engine when i see one, yes EQ2 has a monster engine but when nvidias top of the line and the current best card on the market runs it at 15fps ( in certain areas) with most sliders to the left, then what does that tell you ? as i said before i hardly notice any difference from running the game at 16x12 with all settings or 640x480 all settings. theres just not that much the sliders do to increase performance, while maintaning a decent picture.

meh i just wanna run this game at 30-60 fps constantlty, is that too much to ask ?

anyway mate i read one of your old posts here

did the problem get sorted out with sm3.0 or do the bugs still need ironing ?
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