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Default Re: EQ2 - Driver-Settings-Performance

They state that they designed the game the future in terms of graphics.

IMO they should have designed it for the current graphic card could have been optimized well with leaving in mind that a patch in the future could increase visuals. I think to many people are having problems because they want the beauties after seeing them on extreme and are having a hard time turning them back down or off completely.

If Sony would have just left it out or not able to turn up to extreme in the first place we would never have known what we are missing.

Again, that guideline is a great guideline if you're having problems. Just set it by his specs if you have a similar pc and forget about what the game can look like, we bought it to play it. It still looks great at those setting anyways. Besides, who not to say they won;t iron things out so those higher options work.
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