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Default Weird transparency using kernel 2.6.9 and Nvidia driver 6629

I just upgraded my kernel (2.6.9) and my Nvidia driver (6629), for using with my TNT2 videocard.
Using and an old driver was everything ok.
After compiling the new software, and checked my xorg.conf file (leaved the same config there, was updated) I started X, the Nvidia logo appears and seems to be everything ok.
But when I clicked to access the Fluxbox menu, it became very messed. I use transparency there. I started aterm (lucky guy! is the first item on an invisible and messed menu :-) and it was messed too, its background uses transparency also.
So I closed Fluxbox and tried again with KDE, but no luck.
I'm typing this message now using the "nv" kernel driver, because using the nvidia one was impossible.
Did you guys had some problems like that, using transparency, or just the 2.6.9 + 6629 stuff?
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