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Originally posted by Neoprene
if you get compile problems, like I did, the booted kernel-vesrion did not match my kernel source version. I has a /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-18.8.0 installed but I booted an earlier kernel that for some reason did not write to GRUB as intended. The rpm -ivh --force <new kernel name>.rpm installed the kernel and fixed GRUB and wrote to the MBR.

HELP!!! I have all packages and dependencies installed, I updated to the 2.4-18-8 kernel right after 8.0 install, then I tried to install Nvidia drivers and it's lead to 4 Redhat 8.0 re-installs. Finally I followed the rpm build instructions, and I get that Buildmeister error but I have all packages and dependencies installed.

Then when I read posts and I see things like......... "The rpm -ivh --force <new kernel name>.rpm installed the kernel and fixed GRUB and wrote to the MBR.............. what is that rpm -ivh --force thing your talking about? Where would I even run it? In the command box? Terminal? If Terminal, where in terminal do I have to be to run it? Will it even fix the buildmeister problem? Nothing is wrong with my grub, 2.4-14.8 and 18.8 are both listed already

I have a headache and I worked so hard getting MP3 to work , all the extras added to Mozilla, and everything else, I just don't think I can handle another redhat reinstall....... If Nvidia issues RPM's for Red Hat 8.0, will it even matter what 8.0 kernal I use or update to after that I have a headache now, Can anyone explain how to fix this buildmeister problem in plain specific english? To someone who had ALL the packages and dependencies installed?

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