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Default Re: Typical core temperatures for 5900?

Originally Posted by jimmor
The fact that your ambient temp is at 52C, indicates that either, the inside of your case is too hot, or, the heatsink on your card is not making good contact with the GPU chip. Or maybe just the heatsinks fan is not running. ?
thanks for your advice
I took the heatsink off and put some thermal paste in it. It made a difference and now the card idles at 62C and games run at around 65C which is way better.
There's still something fishy about the card though. I'm playin NFS Underground 2 and the first time I tried the game I could run 1024x768 with everything on and it ran reasonably well.
I tried doing it now and i'm getting about 1 frame a second.
I also tried overclocking the card and running 3d mark, and it seems to be running slower when overclocked. I clocked it to 450 core and 900 memory.
what could be wrong?

btw, should i be using asus drivers or nvidia drivers?
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