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Default Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution

Originally Posted by stanmc
I haven't the foggiest idea of how to interrupt Grub, <newbie at this level> and I don't know about the "e"-key. Are you referring to the option of entering I for interactive? Could I just remove "rhgb" from the grub.conf file and achieve the same result?
When you get to the grub screen where you can choose the OS, move the selection to another OS (if you have one configured). This stops the 'will boot in 5 secs' timer.

Move the selection back onto the Linux install that you are interested in and press 'e'. you are then presented with the contents of the grub.conf file for that entry. Select the line to edit, then press 'e' again and you are taken into the grub 'shell' where you can edit the line. I think, pressing enter takes you back, then pressing 'b' resumes the boot process.

I hope that is correct as I'm doing this from memory cos I'm not infront of a linux box at the moment, and I only discovered how to do that the other night, however there are prompts (I think).
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