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Unhappy Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution

Originally Posted by Groovel76
At the menu where you choose what OS you want to boot just press E on your keyboard. Unless you have FC3 in which a splash screen was added so you don't see your choices unless you press ESC winthin 5 seconds or something. I can't remember, I removed that splash screen line from grub.conf after my first boot.

But yes you can edit grub.conf.
Thanks jpmcc and Groovel76. I'm learning Linux slowly, but I hope surely. Your reference to OS is I think a referernce to choose which Kernel, i.e. 2.6.9-1.667. Groovel76, you mentioned that you removed the splash screen line from grub.conf. Can you elaborate on which line that was. I am going to make a backup of my grub.conf and just remove the four letters rhgb and see if I get a correct boot.

I had 6111 running under FC2 and was playing doom3-demo. FC3 doesn't have the source code readily available and so I have to try 6629, unless I want to go through the hell of installing the source code. Driver 6629 freezes at the NVIDIA splash screen in FC3 and FC2 on my machine.
AMD 1700+ Palomino/Soyo K7VTAPro/512MB Ram/Leadtek MX4000

I removed the rhgb and installed 6629 with appropriate changes to xorg.conf and copied the files to etc/udev/devices as well as doing an rpm -e on Mesa-libGL modules. It still hangs on the NVIDIA splash screen after startx. Just going to let this rest for a week. If,by then, no updates from NVIDIA, I'll remove the files no longer needed and stay at regular x session without NVIDIA drivers or the possibility of completing doom3-demo.

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