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Default Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution

At the very least, the nVidia installer is still malfunctioning.
At the most, the above instructions are far too much for the average user to perform on their system every time a driver update is required.

I still do not trust nVvidia drivers on my system.
I do not believe they are commited to making good drivers for Linux.
Most of the drivers they have made in the last six months seem broken.

IMHO, I am sorry, but nVidia is not providing a good Linux driver solution. Until there is a stronger commitment from nVidia and ATI, there will not be be more Linux 3D graphical applications. Before you flame me, asky yourself this one question. Of those people running Linux, how many people have working OpenGL graphic acelleration?

We are so lucky to have games like Doom3 and UT when there are so few people who can run them because of driver support.
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