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Default Re: *** Official Half-Life˛ Feedback Thread!!! ***

Been playing for about an hour, I had to quit because one scene was running soooo slow. I mean really slow. It was incredible lag, I was getting about 3 fps... dunno why. I am getting pretty bad lag in certain areas... while other areas run great. Very strange.

The physics are awesome, you can pick up pretty much anything... pulling off tv's and watching their cord pull out from the wall is an amazing sight. The characters are extremely realistic looking, graphics are very nice as well.. and occasional low res texture here and there. The first time you meet a headcrab its very funny I nearly jumped back in my seat..haha

Anyways the game is great, fun, my eyes are killing me however... lol I need some sleep, I'm gonna go back and play a little more then get some sleep. Here is a few screenies:

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