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Default Re: *** Official Half-LifeČ Feedback Thread!!! ***

Wow fellas, I have to say that this is way more than I ever expected it to be so far. Here's my little review of it so far.

Gameplay - After reading a few people's response on gameplay, I have not once had a stutter or freeze up. The controls are "universal" (W,A,S,D, etc) and are easy to use. One thing that I've notice so far is the power of the different guns. Once I got the SMG, it would take about 20 shots to put a Combine soldier down. But with the Pistol, it only takes 2 or 3 shots to the head. That's kind of odd but that my be just me. Another disadvantage is loading times. Once my copy unlocked, it took about 5 minutes to load the main screen and another 3 minutes to load the first level.

Graphics and Audio - The graphics and sound are just stunning; there isn't much I can say about these things without drooling over it. Valve really put in the time and payed attention to detail. The reflections off the water, detail in the human's faces and textures are just amazing. Valve's style of art (I hope you get what I mean) in the game is awesome.

Content: After reading (watching) Gamespot's review of HL2, I just couldn't believe that they did not like the story line. It's great. There has not been a moment yet that I have not liked. This game has a great mix of appropriate action and humor. I've only been playing for 2 hours and I'm just excited and can't wait to go back home (I'm at school ) to crank my PC up. One of my favorite parts of the story so far is either the Headcrab "missing" in Kliener's Lab or when you first put on the HEV suit. Man, when I put on the HEV suit, I was pumped.

Overall, I would give it a 9.8/10.

Pros: Amazing graphics, physics, audio and action. It's just a game that you have to play to believe.

Cons: Slow loading times. That's all I have to complain about.
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