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Default Re: black line on right side

Hey I was wondering if matjaz's suggestion worked for anyone. Unfortunately it did not for me. I am about ready to recompile to fix my stacks and use a 5XXX series driver because those seemed to work for me but I wanted to check on this thread and see if anyone had any other suggestions first. I have researched this problem for hours and tried a billion different options in my xorg.conf, as well as in my modules.conf and nothing seems to help. Must kill the now infamous Toshiba black bar of doom!!!

I am running Fedora Core 3 final fully up2date on a Toshiba 6100 pro. If anyone can help me on this I will send them an invite for the Google mail beta (heh I know these things are a dime a dozen now but hey maybe someone with the answer out there doesn't have one yet :-)
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