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Default Re: Half-Life 2 - timedemos & results

wow 4.12 seems to be great!

anyway, i'm just back from an half-life 2 trip at home of my uncle :P

he has an xp 2800+ 1GB ram and a 9800pro(128MB)

i don't know how many fps he get but beliee it or not (we have played fro the start until the point where a guard hit me till lose senses and i find a girl waiting for mei) we played all the time with 1280*1024 AA6x and AF16x
it has been fluid always

i don't know if later there will be points where it wil be much lower, anyway till that point 9800pro was really working great!

he uses the 4.11 and anwyay we have got a problem with audio, seems the 5.1 do not want to work on his audigy1 ...

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