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Default Minor laptop annoyance

So I've only recently discovered that my laptop can have 3D working on it. I have an Inspiron 8000 w/ a Geforce 2GO 32MB. I have successfully installed the 3D driver on it before, but for reason when I installed it (I was using SUSE at the time) it would only run in 640x480, which wasn't acceptible. I recently switched my laptop to Mandrake for superior laptop support (specifically my wireless card) and discovered a working 3D drive came with it. I was happy beyond words.

3D is nice, but the best part about it was that smaller resolutions would be zoomed up to fill the full 15" screen. I have a native resolution of 1400x1050, and playing SuperTux in a three inch square on my screen wasn't all that great. Now with the nvidia driver I can play all those games in 15" glory. In order to get the nvidia-settings app, I upgraded to the 6629 drivers and I'm happy with it.

The problem is that now, I can a play a game with a zoomed resolution, but if I quit that game and try to launch another, it won't zoom it till I reboot. This also happens when I use the nvidia-settings app. Why is this?
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