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Default What news do you want to see?

I would like to pose this question as Baron and I start working on the news front here. I would first like to say that I'm doing news on a limited time basis, at least until my life situation gets straightened out with my impending move. Whether or not I stay on past that will be decided in due time.

Until then, I realize there is only so much strictly video card related news one can find without getting repetitive. So the question I pose to you, the loyal nV News reader, is what other kinds of news items would you like to see posted on the main page? We have our share of motherboard posts, which is cool, but would you like to see other PC hardware like cases and stuff? I've posted an item about Tenebrae Quake, would you like to see more info like that about games (patches, demos, tech moves, etc)?

Post your thoughts here, and just remember to be reasonable.

Edit: Some links to worthwhile web sites would really help so if you could include what you can think of in your post that would be great.
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