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Default Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution


I am happy that the drivers work on your machine.

Yes, I am complaining. Installing drivers that were supposed to have been tested cost me a lot of time, effort and patients.

I have installed nVidia drivers on many Windows machines, and if memory has served me correctly, there has been perhaps one bad nVidia Windows driver. On Linux, there has been perhaps one driver that installed and worked correctly in the last six months or so. One out of 3-4 drivers worked for me; the rest didn't.

I don't think nVidia is doing their best, that's all. Yet, I am sure the people who are working on the drivers, are working very hard, and I admire their efforts. nVidia was recently looking to hire someone to work on the drivers. With this level of commitment, I feel sorry for them.

Unless there is stable and consistant Linux OpenGL drivers, support for hardware accererated games as well as other 3D applications will dry up. If most Linux computers are 3D graphics and sound capable, there will be a lot more of those applications than there is now.

I do not feel that handling nVidia, patting them on the shoulder for a job well done, when they haven't best served their customers, will best serve the Linux cummunity. I am not saying that the programmers aren't working hard. I just think they are too few.

I want people to have a choice in operating systems. I don't want people to reboot their computer to do things. I use my Linux installation every day.
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