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Default Re: Fix doesn't stick through a reboot (semi-n00b)

Yes it's a PCIe (evga). One thing I needed to do was update the GX280 bios (to A03) to get the video card to work correctly. I do not have the kernel source installed, I believe one has to download an rpm for that separately now. I tried the vga connection briefly -- it worked (font rendering was wierd) -- but I didn't fool with it since I wanted DVI anyway. Also FWIW I have only tried runlevel 3 (my preference). No experience with other nvidia drivers.

Originally Posted by johnschipper
Hello Carl,
I've the exact same configuration as yourself except I'm using the VGA connector and a different monitor.
When I try 6629 with the default kernel in FC3 it boots into a black screen and freezes the system. I had to either revert to 2.6.9 kernel or to the 2.6.10-rc2-bk1 kernel to get FC3 on this machine (GX280 1G mem) to work.

Is your 6600 GT a PCIe one?
I'm wondering if you also installed the kernel source for FC3 and 2.6.9-1.667 which I have'nt found a way to do yet (either throught apt or an rpm)?
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