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Question ASUS FX5700 Graphics Trouble

I have recently purchased the ASUS V9570 TD FX5700 Graphics Card to Replace my ASUS V8200/64M GeForce3 Graphics Card that has worked fine since I purchased it a few years ago. After removing all drivers and the ASUS V8200 itself and installing the new ASUS V9570 TD FX5700 and installing the latest nVidia driver (66.93) I notice that all my games look bad graphically. Windows itself looks fine running at 1280X1024 but when I go into all of my games (Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, Star Wars Battlefront, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, etc the graphics looks aweful. Most of the time the graphics are red or the text is very blocky and unable to be read. I thought maybe it was a bad card so I had the card replaced and the samething happens. This only seems to happen with the high end games. All these games ran fine with my ASUS V8200. I am running at AGP 4X if that help any. I have run out of ideas on how to fix this issue. Any ideas or has anyone else seen this before?

Thank You
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