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Default Re: Some Suse 9.1 Pro issues

Originally Posted by cjcox

Follow the instructions for libdvdcss2 carefully as well (you'll have to pull in the source from a different location to build).

Should be able to get a functional xine, mplayer, kaffeine, etc after applying all of the updates there (it's what I use and probably most people use).

I threw WInXP Pro on my 80GB SATA drive, I set up a 200GB ATA133 drive using FAT32 for storage between both OS's, and I set up a 160GB SATA drive for Suse 9.2 Pro.

WOrks great, NVidia drivers installed with ease, and now all I have to do is set up DVD/DIVX/WMV playback, and find a way to install some games.

I can install game demo's fromd ownloaded files, but I cannot seem to install games like UT2004. It starts to install and then tells me to mount the CDROM. Don't know what the problem is, but it was this way in Suse 9.1 as well, while Mandrake 10 worked just fine...

Any idears?
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