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Default Can't run HL2 Time Demo's Please HELP!!

Hi, i can't get the Time Demo's to run on my computer for some reason. I have d/loaded the demo's, unpacked them and drag and dropped them into C:/Program Files/Valve/Steam/Steam Apps/user(me)/hl2/hl2/directory. Does the Directory have these other folders in it like: bin, media, cfg, resource, maps, SAVE, and Files like: demoheader.tmp, modelsounds. cache, scene. cache, voice_ban.dt ?? well thats where i put the Demo's, is this the right place ??

Anyway, when i type in the console: timedemo demo_d1_trainstation_02 then hit Enter nothing happens, the message in the console says:

] timedemo demo_d1_trainstation_02
CDemo File: : Open: couldn't open file demo_d1_trainstation_02.dem for reading
Dropped unnamed from server
Reason: Disconnect by user.

any help would be appreciated


Never mind, got things working

Mods you can delete or close this thread. thank you
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