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Default Re: Official HardOCP HL2 benchmarks

Originally Posted by NoWayDude
Yes we would expect ATI to have a lead on this game.But is nothing compared to DH and
ATI themselves are trying to put out.
Consider this:

Here they uses their own demo (which happens to be the same map as one of the ATI demos). And take a look at the 1600x1200 scores. 6800u is getting 43 FPS, the x800 PE is DOUBLE that. This is with out any AA/AF so we can not say its bandwidth, aa, optimizations (trylinear, ect). Which more or less backs up what ATIs PR crap said. You have to realize that every HL2 benchmark review is going to be different. They will use different maps, different things will happen, ect. You can not compare one with the other and say yeap, so and so is off. Also did you not think ATI was going to pick the best case and run with it? All PR is this way. The game plays just fine on all the cards so why bother complaining?
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