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Default Re: Official HardOCP HL2 benchmarks

Originally Posted by dpagan
they are using ati's beta drivers which where made for hl2 but they didn't use nvidia's hl2 beta driver 67.02, which IMO is not a fair comparison at all ....

by the way Anand's benchmark article also claims valve only gave nvidia two days with the game but gave ati a whole week and that can make a big difference in driver development for HL2
Anand bechies showed ATI was still "much" faster. Not the 40 fps faster. But enough. I agree not using the most current version was not the best apples vrs apples. But HardOCP used OC version of the NV cards. Which is fine but you have to realize not every 68xx sold is a OC card. Finally remember those Doom3 benchmarks that NV sponsered? ATI never even knew about the test. NV not only knew about it but had their own demos. However very few people here seemed to care back then about being fair.

Look the point is depending on the level and the time demo you are going to see varing scores. And so far ATI seems to be faster.
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