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Default Re: Official HardOCP HL2 benchmarks

Originally Posted by jbirney
Finally remember those Doom3 benchmarks that NV sponsered? ATI never even knew about the test. NV not only knew about it but had their own demos. However very few people here seemed to care back then about being fair.

This is wrong.ATI and Nvidia were both present when Carmack himself did the demo run.And ATI had a new driver then, and he did not make an ounce of diference.It still does not do it, even with Humus tweak (albeit it's much closer though)
In relation to HL2, we see discrepancies from diferent review sites.
Bottom line, the game runs great in any new gen hardware.It will improve with new driver releases from both vendors.

edit: link for [H] regarding Doom3 benchies as per Carmack himself
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