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Default Re: Typical core temperatures for 5900?

I just experienced similar problems with my ASUS 5900 card and I flashed it last night to a 5950.
Lower temps and higher benchmarks for certain (I'm on campus now. If you want details on what I did I can post them tonite, or you can email me).

It was scary but worth it. I have all the files you need (including my own backup .rom, but you will want to get your own).

Look around on the web and get a GOOD understanding of this process BEFORE you start. I had a backup card handy just in case. You should too.

The one thing I have had problems with is overclocking.
Both before the bios flash and after I get slooooow frame rates if I use coolbits.

I'm happy with the temps going down but just curious if anyone knows more.

BTW first time poster, long time (x2 days) reader LOL!
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