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Originally posted by Feanor

With any new product (that is more then a minor refresh) there can be some issues. Same thing happened when I got the nForce board I have now. On early BIOS and with nVidia's first drivers there were some issues with

- crashes
- rear speaker audio not working with my 4.1 speaker system
- getting winXP to load and remain OK (I had to change one of the BIOS options from default to get an XP load run properly...which I no longer have to do)
- compatibility issues plugging some multimedia cards into the mobo and inability to load drivers

After several BIOS revs much of that is better, but

- The lattest BIOS rev for the A7N266-E automatically mis-detects my CPU and memory capability, insisting that an Athlon XP 1900+ with Corsair XMS-2400 (300 MHz DDR) should be run at a 100 MHz fsb

That would put the CPU at 1.2 GHz instead of 1.6 I can manually over-ride that, but if a crash occurs, it thinks it's from "overclocking" when XMS-2400 DDR and an Athlon XP 1900+ is not supposed to be run at 100 MHz fsb. 1001d BIOS didn't mis-detect this, 1003 does.

- I still get an occasional crash, or worse black screen, where my video is suddently gone. (In the AGP slot there's a GF3 Ti500 and I have the 30.30 drivers now, but this occured on earlier driver versions occassionally too)
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