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Default Half-Life 2 Geforce 4200 go problems

I tried to run HL2 on my Dell 8500 laptop and it will only run at about 1 FPS. I have the same problem with Far Cry too. The wierd thing is Doom 3 runs great so I know my laptop should be able to play HL2.

I tried the folllowing:
updated to latest drivers and Direct X
I rolled back to earlier drivers
I disabled the sound card
I set all the games settings to the lowest graphics settings

Nothing works. It's still like watching a slide show!

My laptop specs are:
2.4 MHZ P4
1 gig RAM
Geforce 4200 go

My laptop is for when I'm on the road so I don't use it much but it would be nice to play games sometimes. I know that the 4200 Go should play the game resonably well because Doom 3 plays great.

Anyone else have problems playing Far Cry or HL2 on thier Dell laptop with Geforce graphics? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
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