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Default Re: Official HardOCP HL2 benchmarks

Originally Posted by Razor1
Funny thing is nvidia didn't need to pimp one level in any Ogl game or Doom 3? Don't slant the topic saying that one benchmark tests were slanted when they weren't. What you stated before about the Doom 3 benchs done by [H] both parties were there, both had beta drivers both had equal time to optimize for thier drivers too, these benchmarks are ATi time demos, so they are biased! ATi has no choice but to pimp only one aspect of HL 2 because there is no other place they have any significant lead in a game they spent how much?
I stated whats going on but I will state it again for you. The big differece is the water settings. The ones that show ATI winning has the reflect all setting and that is the MAX setting for water. The review that show Nvidia and ATI a tie has the reflect world setting and that is a lower water setting then reflect all.
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