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Default Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution


Freakin' amazing!


I just installed my Tainted Kernel Module, and in return my Kernel is tainted.
It didn't even want to boot after the module installation (poor thing... ).
this is on FC3 BTW, to which I do not blame

If I DID NOT have another computer next to me... then what....
...boot to my previous Kernel, and fix it....

THX SOOOOO MUCH for figuring this one out for me!!!!
-=you just took out the grunt work in hacking this out!=- |

Originally Posted by pucko
Here what I did to fix it:

1) Interrupt Grub from booting, edit the bootparameters with "e"-key, and remove the "rhgb"-parameter from the boot parameters. Then continue booting normally. (This will skip the graphical boot in Fedora.)

2) Fedora complains about not being able to start GDM, ignore it and cancel all questions to get to the login prompt.

3) Login as root, enter "init 3" to go to single-user mode. Enter "modprobe nvidia" to load the nvidia-module.

4) Finally, enter "cp -a /dev/nvidia* /etc/udev/devices/" to fix the boot problem.

5) Now just enter "init 5" and you're back in business.
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