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Unhappy GeForce 2 MX with personality issues

A few days ago, when I turned my pc on, I had this weird beep-ing sequence. that sounded like a "graphic card not found".
So I put a RageIIC in, and started 'debugging' the system.

To my surprise, my GF2mx now thinks that it's an nVidia Mutara [NV2]. here's the pci string;
"01:00.0 Non-VGA unclassified device: nVidia Corporation NV2 [Mutara V08] (rev a1)"
And basicly, it just *sits* there, not doing anything. no display output or whatever. just posts as if it's a mutara [oddly enough, windows tried looking for drivers... *g* goodluck on that one]

Ever since, iv'e spent countless hours trying to 'revive' it using nvflash, without any success.

Is there anything i'm doing wrong here?
Can this thing be revived? or am i beating a dead horse?

Hope someone can help me out here.

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