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Default Re: wake on lan (WOL) under linux

Originally Posted by gen
The recently released nvnet driver in nforce-1.0-0274 is working nicely on my system (Chaintech 7NIF2). Wake-on-Lan works out of the box, and is better than the patch I posted for 0256, since it functions whether or not the shutdown scripts disable the network interface. People interested in WOL should definitely try this version.
I've tried with, but this certainly does not work "out of the box" on my Abit NF7-S rev. 2.0. I'm really curious how this works with your Chaintech.

Is there anyone else that has successfully enabled WOL with the nvnet driver? For now, I think I will stick with forcedeth. Even if WOL is possible with nvnet it is a pain to get networking back, when you install a new kernel.

Unfortunately, the forcedeth team remains tacent for now, I guess they are busy.

My specs:
Abit nf7-s kernel
0292 nvnet revision
Debian sid
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