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Unhappy Serious Problems with nvidia-drivers


I am experiencing serious Problems with the nvidia kernel- and glx-drivers.

Let me explain it like this:

(nvidia-kernel || nvidia-glx) && (v4l || xfree-dga) = Systemfreeze

If I use the drivers and the DGA-extension or the v4l-module is enabled, then my system freezes nearly immediately after I start a TV-Application like xawtv or zapping. If I disable DGA (Section "extmod", option "omit xfree-dga" or so in XF86Config)and v4l so that none of these two is enabled, then everything works fine.

I already reserved IRQ's for both, the Graphics-Card (GF4TI - formerly it was a GF2GTS with the same Problems) and the TV-Card (BT878) - didn't help. I also tried all three kinds of AGP-Support (agpgart, nvidia and none) - still freezes.

Of course, I could leave it with DGA and v4l disabled, but then I won't be able to watch TV in Overlay-Mode - and without Overlay-Mode enabled, the TV-Picture looks...uhm...well...not very good.

My PC:
Athlon-TB 1300
GF4TI with 64MB (formerly a GF2GTS with 32MB - same Problems)
Hauppauge WinTV-Theater with BT878-Chip

Any ideas for this problem ?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings from a very cold Germany

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