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Default RH7.3 and nForce - can't find the module

I've torn my hair out over this one - I've followed the nVidia instructions (using the tarball) to the letter, and when I start X (either with startx or xinit) I get:

(I have K7N420 Pro motherboard, with the nForce chipset)

... previous bits snipped ...

(II) Loading extension DPMS
(II) Loading extension FontCache
(II) Loading extension TOG-CUP
(II) Loading extension Extended-Visual-Information
(II) Loading extension XVideo
(II) Loading extension XVideo-MotionCompensation
(II) LoadModule: "v4l"
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/linux/v4l_drv.o
(II) Module v4l: vendor="The XFree86 Project"
compiled for 4.2.0, module version = 0.0.1
ABI class: XFree86 Video Driver, version 0.5
(II) LoadModule: "nvidia"
(WW) Warning, couldn't open module nvidia
(II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"
(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)
(II) LoadModule: "mouse"
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input/mouse_drv.o
(II) Module mouse: vendor="The XFree86 Project"
compiled for 4.2.0, module version = 1.0.0
Module class: XFree86 XInput Driver
ABI class: XFree86 XInput driver, version 0.3
(II) v4l driver for Video4Linux
(II) Primary Device is: PCI 02:00:0
(EE) No devices detected.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

When reporting a problem related to a server crash, please send
the full server output, not just the last messages.
This can be found in the log file "/var/log/XFree86.0.log".
Please report problems to

I've tried aliasing it in modules.conf, tried using "NVdriver" as the module string (as that is what the actual binary is named) and no luck.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any insight - it is greatly appreciated!
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