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Originally Posted by jtuggle
Well, I'm stumped. I've read reports of other people using TNT2 with FC3 saying no problem after doing the udev and modprobe fixes. Mine looks like it almost works, but it freezes on the splash screen, then leaves little cursor "droppings" around the screen as I move the mouse. Any word on what's causing this behavior? The log files aren't complaining.
I was unable to get the 6629 drivers to work with my Mandrake 10.1 install and my TNT2 card. Spash screen comes up, then wrongness prevails. I've read in a few other posts that 6629 broke the TNT2 cards.

I tried downgrading to the 6111 driver, but it would not compile with the 2.6 kernel out of the box.

Here's how I got the 6111 driver to compile and install with the Mandrake 2.6 kernel. It may work for you if you want to downgrade to 6111.
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