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Default How to force shader precision to FP16 on a Geforce FX?

i could gain some 'partial' DX 9 performance in CS: Source with a little bit of IQ loss. Apparently Valve removed the 'mixed mode' on purpose.

I tried 3D Analyze but CS: Source doesnt let it load its process DLLs, probably due to hack/cheat protection.

A chap on this forum named Demirug used a tool called DX-Tweaker which he says he developed for his software house. He claimed to have gained 50% performance increase by forcing FP16. Is this tool freely available? Google only turned out some results for a file used to calibrate your deadzone in some joysticks.

i dont have HL2 fully loaded, and will buy it off the shelf next month when I am free from exams. I tested CS: Source beta from my CZero freebie, it seemed fine in Dx8.1...(the one I have right now is the Ati/HL2 key final version not the Czero beta one which was deactivated...), so until I get my hands on HL2 I wish to make CS: Source my guinea pig for testing the best out of the engine on my hardware.

I have an MSI 5900 based GPU.... FYI.


EDIT: Is there a way to make the water render properly when you force DX9 in Source?

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